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Hi! I’m Dr. Mary Beth.

LiveWell 7 with Mary Beth DC
More About Dr. MB
Brandon Florida Chiropractor

Growing up in Wisconsin, I knew I wanted to be both a Doctor and an Olympian. From a very young age, I committed to competing and working towards my dreams becoming a reality. With the support of my family, coaches, and mentors, I was able to accomplish both goals. 


Although the journey wasn’t without obstacles and setbacks, finishing fourth at the inaugural women’s Modern Pentathlon at the 2000 Olympics is still one of my happiest memories. The Doctor of Chiropractic degree came next in 2001, followed by a prompt return to training in preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Since then, I’ve had the benefit of learning from my own health journey and honing my craft with some of the best hearts in healthcare. Gratefully, I have experienced the joy of performing thousands of adjustments and seeing lives transformed.

Brandon Florida Chiropractor

My integrative approach to healing was birthed from the same support & care I needed as a two-time Olympian, a mom to two boys, and a female entrepreneur seeking to live out my God-given purpose.  I use this systematic and holistic approach to evaluate and treat each individual uniquely.  Removing interference, restoring balance, and rebuilding strength connects you to your vibrant and purposeful life.  Therefore, my philosophy centers on seven areas of health that need to be in balance for individuals to thrive: Nervous System, Nutrition, Movement, Mindset, Hormones, Sunlight/Nature, and Rest. Hence…the seven in LiveWell7.

We are all unique with innate potential, but healing may be necessary first for each to fulfill their unique purpose. Your experience at LiveWell7 will be as unique as your purpose and will help you on your healing journey.

Brandon Florida Chiropractor

Major Awards & Accomplishments

2012 Homebirth, son Nico Felipe

2010 Homebirth, son Xavi Matteo

Other Highlights

2011  Masters in Human Nutrition - University of Bridgeport 

2008 Summit, Mt Kilimanjaro (19,340)

2005  Experience Life Magazine - Cover Model

2004 US Olympic Team (15th place)

2004  Pan American Games – Bronze Medalist

2001   Doctor of Chiropractic - Logan College of Chiropractic

2000 US Olympic Team (4th place)

2000  Esquire Magazine - Cover Model

1999   US Olympic Committee - Athlete of the Year

1999   Pan American Games – Gold Medalist

1998   Ironman World Championships (3rd age group)

Brandon Florida Chiropractor
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