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LiveWell 7 with Mary Beth DC
Mary Beth DC

Wesley O

"Mary Beth was an absolute God send. When many doctors were perplexed by my symptoms and unable to treat me, Mary Beth believed me. She listened to my issues and heard me. She used muscle testing and supplements with chiropractic to get me back on track. At that time I was bed ridden, half my body was tingling, and I couldn’t eat anything. I was told by many doctors that I had MS, Ulcers, and/or thyroid problem. Regardless, Dr Mary Beth was able to treat me, not my symptoms and by going back to the basics, my health turned around.   I regained feeling in my body, was able to actually eat food with out being in pain, found energy that I had lost and soon after got pregnant! I believe Mary Beth has a gift from God and if you invest in her your body will thank you."

Mary Beth DC


"I started seeing Mary Beth while stationed in Guam. I was suffering from migraines along with neck and back pain.  I was familiar with chiropractic treatments, but nothing was ever as effective as my sessions with Mary Beth.  My pain was finally under control without medication, Life changing! 
Mary Beth is very intuitive, she magically finds out what’s out of whack without me saying a word.  After relocating, I tried to find a new Chiropractor, I was met with a lot of up selling and adjustments that just never held up.  
Mary Beth in very invested in her patients best interest, her caring personality makes you feel at ease. I really can’t say enough good things.  I’ve traveled hours from home many times to see her, she’s that good!"

Mary Beth DC

Emily Anne Page

"Mary Beth is one of the best Chiropractors I have ever experienced because she has such unique intuition about the body and movement of her patients.

I first came to her when I had thrown out my back and was in a lot of pain. She was able to diagnose the issue and make sure I was comfortable during the entire process of my adjustment. She fixed the issue and relieve my pain and instantly improve my mobility. I started regular adjustments and saw a huge improvement of my energy, strength and ability to sleep during a stressful season of my life.

Mary Beth is also a great listener and very empathetic - something that really stands out compared to other busy practitioners. I always feel listened to.

Her adjustment technique is also hard to find and very effective - using muscle testing which I had never experienced before. After her type of adjustment I can immediately see improved strength after every adjustment simply because the structure of my spine is more in alignment.

I have recommended her to all of my family and friends - and they have become regulars as well.

She is an incredible doctor and I highly recommend her."

Mary Beth DC


Mary Beth has come to my rescue many times with health concerns and questions, and is the best at what she does. She is so professional,  friendly and personal , she is truly amazing.

I have never met anyone in the medical field as approachable and I would recommend Mary Beth to assist you with your health issues and needs. She is absolutely wonderful.

Mary Beth DC

Shanna Engling

In the past I've had bad experiences at chiropractors - they were all too forceful, harsh and jarring. Mary Beth is exactly the opposite. All my fears were gone once I got on her table and she did gentle manipulations that actually relieved my lower back pain.


It was refreshing to know there was a gentler way of chiropractic care that can get the pain fixed. Grateful to be in Mary Beth's care! 

Mary Beth DC

Jessica Robillard

"I met Dr. Mary Beth while our families we were stationed in Guam. She is such a caring, knowledgeable, and healing chiropractor.  I was experiencing hip pain for almost 2 years and she helped me walk without pain after just a couple visits. I would follow her around the world for Chiropractic care if I could. She is simply the best Dr.  and the community of Brandon, FL is so lucky to have her!"

Mary Beth DC

Tony Seymour

"Dr. Mary Beth rolls out the red carpet every day for every patient. If you are looking for a doctor to take your health care seriously, Mary Beth is the doctor you are looking for. The love, care, and concern that she provides is refreshing…top-notch chiropractor! 100% the best…highly recommend!"

Mary Beth DC

Shannon Elliott, DVM

Brandon Florida Chiropractor

My family and I had the amazing opportunity to be chiropractically adjusted by Dr. Melendez.  Her kind gesture and soft hands were very comforting to our kids for their first adjustment, including our nine month old.  I highly recommend Dr. Melendez for your families chiropractic needs. 

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