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LiveWell 7 with Mary Beth DC


Our non-emergency, new practice member intake is an out-of-pocket investment of $150.

It includes a detailed exam, health history review, nutritional exam, and gentle adjustment.


Our cash program for follow up chiropractic care is based at $60 per visit. We offer discounted packages based on your care-plan needs.

Please note: Gift vouchers are available for purchase in $50 increments. Vouchers can be reviewed and purchased by clicking here.


These days everyone wants to use their insurance — we get it. However, we can ONLY offer you a receipt to submit on your own. Please the long run, this REALLY is the most cost-effective way to pay for our care. And we REALLY want to offer you the highest health care possible. We will explain more at your visit.


Pediatric Care

Bottom line, Dr. Mary Beth loves to work with pregnant moms, babies and kids. She just does. She has been taking care of kids through chiropractic since the beginning of her career and has seen what chiropractic care can do to benefit kids. They tend to respond well to care and require less care than us adults. If she can help, she will tell you. If she can't, she will refer you to who can.

Learn more here

Pregnancy Care

Dr. Mary Beth is experienced with pregnancy concerns and care and offers prenatal chiropractic care. She has worked with many new moms and families to help bring their babies into the world in the safest, most peaceful way possible. Learn more here

Animal Care

Dr. Mary Beth is a certified animal chiropractor, specializing in dog and horses, although any vertebrate can be adjusted. Animals are hard wired for survival and don’t always show that they are in pain until it’s been there for a long time. Animals can hurt themselves doing activities of daily living, just like us and certain breeds have tendencies to have difficulties in specific areas. Jumping up and down from cars, beds, and sofas are a few common ways we’ve seen animals develop musculoskeletal challenges that manifest in behavior, attitude/personality changes, appetite/elimination changes, and movement difficulties or reluctance. We know how much we love our own four legged family members, so don’t hesitate to include them in family adjustments and health care. Our office has a specific, separate room in our office to treat animals. 

Would you like to watch our Animal Care videos?  If so, enjoy our videos by clicking here.

Learn more here.

Emergency Care

We get that you may need to get in ASAP to see Dr. Mary Beth, and we will do our best to serve your needs. Please note that starting a chiropractic care-plan before you get to crisis is hands-down the way to go. Don't wait. We will, however, always do our best to get you in asap.

Text "Emergency Visit Request" to:



Specific Issues

We all have different signs and symptoms of stress. Our care focuses more on the cause of stress, how to integrate the tension in your body — as opposed to the expression of stress (symptoms). Symptoms may result from underlying deficiencies and dysfunction that when addressed allow for a healthier response to stress and improved healing outcomes. More often than not, people feel wonderful when they leave our office. So please share all the information on your current health with us so we can better know how to support and care for you.


3 Fun Facts

1. Dr Mary Beth is a two time US Olympic athlete in the sport of Modern Pentathlon.

Look HERE for fun photos of her in action.


2. Chiropractic care is essential to optimal health for any age. Dr. Mary Beth attributes consistent chiropractic care to the home water births of both her beautiful boys. She knows that the body is AMAZING and can heal itself…regardless of where you start, you can always get and do better. Chiropractic helps. Period.


3. Dr. Mary Beth has a non-profit AIMWell to increase access to quality healthcare including chiropractic for Animals (rescues), Individuals with special needs (foster kids, learning disabled, and more), and Military families. Learn more or donate here.

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