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LiveWell 7

LiveWell7 is based on 7 pillars of health that must be in balance for one to experience true wellness, vibrant health, and an extraordinary life.

Nervous System

The most important aspect of my practice is affecting and restoring nervous system balance.  Structure may be less than “ideal” due to stage of life, accumulation of injuries, trauma, and imbalance but rather than focus on the structure, I pursue restoration of  nervous system balance and function.  Every single body can heal itself and while there may be certain limitations, the body can always progress and move towards balance…from which vitality and a vibrant life may blossom. Insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, and bowel changes are all messages to the body that alert us to imbalances in this area.


Everything that we put into and onto our bodies, affects our chemistry.  This chemistry affects our brain’s communication with our body and the overall function of every system in the body.  Pain is directly related to the balance and health of our tissues.  Healing can rarely occur without looking at this aspect of our health.  Our lifestyle, soil, and habits leave us deficient and imbalanced in crucial macro and micro nutrients,  vitamins and minerals.  If you slather your body with sunscreen every day and do not experience the sun’s rays on your bare skin, you are preventing your body from receiving core input and healing rays that are not just good for you, but essential for your chemical balance and health.  Time spent getting sun on your skin, plus food and supplements are evaluated and recommendations given to support the body’s healing process.


We must begin from the place that the body is a self-healing creation that responds perfectly to its environment.  It does not make mistakes, nor does it become errant in its messaging or response.  If your performance and potential is lacking, if you are experiencing dis-ease or even disease with diagnosis, we must look at the environment and ask what the body is responding to.  Healing cannot be approached with an exterior solution focused approach.  The healing comes from within…interference must be identified and removed, deficiencies restored, and proper messaging activated.  Your health is your responsibility and your body is an amazing gift.  Your body and your health are your vehicle to actualize your God Given purpose in this life.  Our approach and mindset must begin with this in mind.  

You cannot stretch your way to health or restoration and sitting is devastating to your health, even though you “didn’t do anything” to “hurt yourself”.  You must move your body everyday with intention and purpose to prepare it for the rigors of living on this earth, fulfilling your purpose. “Tightness” in your body is purposeful to protect parts of you that are weak and/or compromised.  “Stretching” may bring temporary “relief” but it does very little to move you towards to health and balance. You must ACTIVATE your armor to allow for healing to occur and reduce the body’s need to protect.  Our approach gives specific instructions for what to activate and the best movements to bring your body to balance and health.

This is a broad category to include our energy systems (HPA axis), our body’s natural rhythms (cortisol, insulin), and our sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone). Our lifestyle creates an almost constant flight or fight state of being that sets imbalance into motion and creates specific patterns of imbalance and dis-ease that if left unchanged leads to disease.  Weight gain, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, and bowel changes are all messages to the body that alert us to imbalances in this area.


Of course it matters what we eat but what matters more is if we are able to digest, absorb, assimilate , and eliminate what we have consumed.  Toxins are all around us in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food or food-like substances we consume, the relationships we choose, and the thoughts we think.  Did you know that toxins are also created internally  by everyday internal processes like digestion, hormone synthesis or breakdown, and immune function?  Gut health and function is vital to our health.  Liver, kidney, lung, and skin are instrumental in dealing with toxins.  Support of these organs and systems is key to restoring balance to the body and allowing healing to occur.

Rest applies to what we do to restore our bodies.  Recreation, sleep, and time spent in nature are all evaluated.  We are not meant to live indoors under artificial, let alone blue light, at all hours of the day and night.  Hard work is important but it must be balanced with recreation and time spent experiencing life that brings joy and rest to the body.  Sunsets, sunrises, prayer, meditation, music, dancing, belly breathing, reading, laughing, walking barefoot on the earth, and being present with those we love are examples of life that restores the soul.  And obviously, we know that the ability and habit of sleeping in a cool, dark, quiet room for 7-9 hours every day is also necessary for vitality and true health.  

Some of these are simple.  Some require initial guidance and support.  The goal isn’t ongoing, long term care.  The goal is to equip you for life, to guide you in restoration, and provide tools to move you towards your balance, vitality and life purpose.  

Brandon, FL Chiropractor, Mary Beth Melendez
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