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The way we coach is very personal and individualized. We believe that the inside must be balanced and thriving for the outside to see results. By helping you look within to understand your body, mind and habits, you learn the skills you need to support habit change, counteract emotions/thoughts and create a foundation for permanent changes in your body.

Coaching is about uncovering what’s holding you back from reaching your goals, things such as your relationship with food, self-sabotage, body image, self belief, digestive issues, daily habits, gut health and metabolism. Long term success is created by getting to the root of the cause and building a strong foundation (inside) to carry a strong physique (outside). It is in this self investment that you will find your confidence improve, dedication grow, and mindset strengthen setting you up for lasting results. 

The best part about coaching? You aren’t left finding your way, alone. We’re available day by day, week by week to co-create strategies for overcoming challenges that come up along the way. Together we will defeat frustrations, create consistency and turn your weaknesses into strengths. While we provide the guidance, education, accountability and objectivity needed, everything we do, is driven by you.

Benefits of working One on One Dr. Mary Beth

  • As a health coach, I support my clients to make step-by-step changes to their food and lifestyle so that they can permanently reach their goals. And, I support them to do so in a way that is enjoyable and easily integrated into their lives!

  • Benefits of Working together as your Wellness Coach:

  • Set and accomplish your goals in a way that is empowering and exciting!

  • Work towards and maintain your ideal weight.

  • Understand and reduce bad cravings and find healthy alternatives.

  • Identify which foods may be causing discomfort (gluten, lactose, etc.)

  • Increase your energy levels to do the things you love!

  • Learn about more delicious, healthy foods and how you can make them a part of your daily life.

  • Improve your personal relationships.

  • Increase your energy levels to do the things you love!

  • Discover the confidence to create the life you want for yourself.

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